All potential students are screened to determine what is known.  The screening does not label a student.  The screening information is used to evaluate the student and give a tutor a place to begin teaching what is unknown.

The initial screening is conducted by a member of the screening staff.

It is done at the GTDA Tutoring Center at 735 S. Garfield, Traverse City.

A typical screening for an elementary student takes 1-2 hours.  It might include  assessments of:

  • basic alphabet skills
  • letter/sound concepts
  • a writing sample
  • reading aloud from a book that the student selects
  • a spelling test of frequently used non-phonetic words
  • the Ayres-Buckingham Word Spelling Test
  • the Slosson Oral Reading Test

After this visit the GTDA screener will score the results, write a report,  and schedule a second meeting.

At the return meeting the GTDA screener will review the results and the report with the student or parent.  In many cases GTDA recommends that the student enroll in our tutoring service.  In some cases we make referrals to other service providers.