Enrollment in our tutoring program can be arranged after the screening.  A student is matched with one of our tutors  based upon availability, scheduling, and geographic location.

Time and location

Tutorial sessions are held in various locations.  The GTDA Center, Suite C at 920 Hastings Street, Traverse City, has a number of quiet, individual work spaces  for tutors and students.  Other possible locations are:  the public library, the student’s home, the tutor’s home, or some other public facility.  This is arranged by the assigned tutor and student family to fit schedules and transportation for the student.

Tutoring services

Generally two 1-hour sessions per week are recommended.

Written progress reports are prepared for parents at the end of each semester.

All books, materials, and supplies are provided by the tutor.

Tuition assistance is available to qualifying families.  See the Tuition Assistance section.

Billing and payment

All billing, collections, and payments to tutors is handled by the GTDA office.

The tutor submits a time sheet to the GTDA office.   The office in turn mails a monthly billing statement to the student family and collects the fees due.   The GTDA office issues payment to the tutor.